Monday, March 30, 2009

here we go again (O.K. Go)

today marks the official start of spring break for me. it's weird, since our break doesn't coincide with Easter. usually the break is the week before or after Easter, but in Michigan they do things differently apparently. never-the-less, a couple of weeks ago (march 20th-22nd) we headed over to the Bible Institute in Waukesha Wisconsin to play them in our annual 'Field Day'. we competed in; men's, women's and co-ed volleyball - men's and women's basketball - and men's and women's indoor soccer. it was a fun weekend of competition and fellowship. it was quite weird going there and thinking about how these complete strangers are learning the same things as i am and could possibly even be co-workers with me one day! crazy.

also in a couple of weeks (april 19th) i have the opportunity to give the sunday message in my church here. the pastor has given me and some others free reign to put a service together; telling the church about ourselves, the mission (ntbi/ntm) and then finishing off with a sermon from me. talk about intimidating, but i feel confident in God to come through. regardless, these next few weeks will be filled with studying and preparation, on top of what is already required of me for school. please be praying for me that weekend as i get ready to teach in a setting i've never taught in before.

as for now, that's all i have. thanks for reading - please, though, drop me a line on what is going on in your life and what i can be praying for you about. leave a message here or i'm on facebook too.

to the ends of the earth,

Friday, March 27, 2009

What am i doing?

answer - i have no idea. And where do i begin? again, no idea.