Tuesday, April 14, 2009

feelin' the heat

i feel the darkness closing in around me....

five days left until sunday and man, i'm already nervous. i worked on my message yesterday, but lots more work needs still to be done. i'm sitting down with pastor byron on wednesday night to go over it with him, so hopefully that will help ease my anxiety. please keep in prayer - that i would be diligent in compiling the message and that most of all - that i'd be learning to trust God and rest in the supreme power that He has to accomplish what wants. it's Christ in me.

this is pastor byron preaching on sunday, with debbie our music leader sitting in the back

here i am, with ryan on the drums and mitch on the bass, playing music one sunday morning

(by the way both these photos were taken last christmas, thus the tree in the background. i misplaced one of the cables for my camera, so i can't upload any photos from it until i find that cable - which, knowing me, could very well be in 13 1/2 years.)

so todays question is:
1. if you could talk to a bunch of people and tell them whatever you wanted, what would you say?

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  1. if you mean like in terms of a sermon i would for sure talk about the freedom we have in Christ. freedom to NOT sin and freedom to glorify him. the freedom we have from our past and a lot more. so that's that.