Friday, April 17, 2009

3 Days Left!!!!

today, saturday and then 'd-day'. sure i won't be landing on omaha beach - but i feel like i'll be in a firefight.

i finally have a topic to talk about, after about 2 weeks of tossing and turning. i'll be sharing out of John 6:68-69 where Peter makes a great profession about Jesus. i'm not going to tell you what that profession was, in hopes that you'll be curious enough to look it up yourself.

my friend matt is speaking today at his old high school, and this is a great opportunity for the word of God to go out. be praying for him as well as the kids who will be listening.

the question for today is if you could pick a song to sing that speaks of the word of God (it's power, awesomeness, grace, influence), what song would it be?

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