Saturday, April 4, 2009

post-spring break

this has been a good week. we've been off from school this past and i had the opportunity to do some traveling.

i first headed up to Bath, MI with a room-mate of mine to hang out with his family for a couple of days. it was awesome up there. his dad built their house himself, but the coolest part is it's a log cabin. it was quite possibly one of the coolest houses i've ever been in.
after that i came back home and did a little bit of 'work' - and by work, i mean the YMCA paid me to play lazer tag against a bunch of 8-10 year olds. i have an awesome job. truth be told, when that day was over i was so sore from running around and evading those little punks i could barely get up and down the stairs.
ahhhh, my day. i didn't have any plans or things i had to do - it was awesome. it was truly the one relaxing day of the break since there was nothing on the schedule. i did get to go bowling that night with a guy from the youth group and i had a good time.
chicago. we drove from jackson to chicago to visit some friends at moody and check out the school too. i liked the school for the most part and the people there seemed really friendly. we walked around downtown (and it was freezing) and did a little shopping (where i bought my first v-neck shirt). later we picked up some chicago style pizza (a must) and hit a basketball game (not the bulls unfortunately).
i watched the final four. (north carolina's looking mighty strong)

some things i've been thinking about recently:
1. can someone's standards for marriage be too high?
2. how i wish i understood my need better.
3. how i'm going to pay for school.
4. why do jeeps retain their resale value? (because i want one and they're stinking expensive)

let me know what you're thinking here


  1. dude lets buy a jeep and have joint custody over it. b/c yes they are so expensive!!

  2. i don't know sarah, that's a big commitment and i don't know if our relationship is ready for that kind of step. :)