Monday, April 13, 2009

this week was crazy, but i'll keep it short.

on wednesday i had the opportunity to sharpen my oratory skills as i gave a 10 minute message in my oral communications class. it was a little stressful, since my fellow classmates were evaluating and critiquing me, but despite that, it was a good thing to do. i have the recording of the message, and i'll try to put it up here so those of you who are interested can hear it.

then this last saturday i went climbing at Grand Ledge a spot about an hour north of my school here in Jackson.the wall were a little on the short side, about 35' - 45' depending on the spot, but we all had a good time climbing and hanging out.

here i am repelling down a wall after i set the anchors at the top.

here i'm working on a 5.10b route that proved to be a little bit to hard for me - this time....

my friend joel climbing one of the few boulder problems.

we had a great time though. the weather was nice and the company was amazing. hanging out all day sandwiched in between a beautiful river and a sandstone cliff with great friends is one of my definitions of paradise.

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